ACGT provides an amplicon size-based genotyping of Short Tandem Repeats (STRs) and microsatellites (MS)STR Genotyping. The application of fluorescent probe-tagged PCR primers and multiple ABI 3730XL Genetic Analyzers allows us to screen hundreds of samples each day. A high volume of samples can also be evaluated on the Fragment Analyzer™  Advanced Analytical Technologies (AAT) platform.

STR Genotyping Service Description:
  • Design and synthesis of fluorescent-labeled PCR amplification primers for individual or multiplex strategies.
  • Optimization of PCR amplification conditions for detecting STR and MS loci.
  • PCR amplification of STR loci and separation on the ABI 3730XL or Fragment Analyzer.
  • Allele size and identity determination with GeneMapper ID software.
  • Verification of the data and allele calls by expert personnel.
  • Data is presented in user-friendly spreadsheets that contain allele size and intensity.
  • All results are available in electronic and hard copy formats including a publication quality electropherogram of each sample with a reference size ladder.
  • Our personnel are experienced with difficult to assay samples and we provide assistance with data interpretation.
  • A “load-and-go” service is available for customer-prepared fluorescently labeled PCR products.