plantACGT offers plant species identification by DNA sequence analysis of a 650 bp PCR-amplified region of the ribosomal ITS, followed by a BLAST search of known plant ITS sequences in public databases.

Service Description:
  • Purification of genomic DNA from cell pellets or various plant tissues
  • PCR amplification of ITS gene targets
  • Double strand sequencing
  • Identification based on the best information available on public databases
  • Analysis report including top 5 matches, electropherograms and consensus sequences
  • Three to five-day turnaround time

In addition, closely related strains, cultivars or varietals can be identified by analyzing short tandem repeat (STR) targets, or microsatellites. The resulting STR fingerprint can differentiate between closely related plants. We are currently performing this analysis for Rosaceous (fruit and berry) species and olive tree varietals. Custom assay design is available for other species. Please inquire if interested in this service.

Complex mixtures of plant species (e.g. compost) can be analyzed by our NGS Metagenomic Analysis.