GLP Level Genotyping ServicesGENOTYPING

Discovery of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs), variable repeat elements, and other biomarkers has an extraordinary potential in the research and development of new disease therapies, the description of new plant and animal strains or populations, or environmental population analysis. A highly regulated analysis may be required to validate these discoveries, especially with a planned submission to a regulatory agency such as the FDA or EPA or their state counterparts.

ACGT has established GLP protocols to insure the integrity of processes for biomarker detection and monitoring.

Available Services:
  • PCR amplification and product purification
  • SNP site Sanger sequencing (2x each strand)
  • STR Analysis
  • Allelic discrimination by TaqMan qPCR
  • NGS analysis of sequence variants on Illumina® MiSeq platform

To provide you with the most effective and customized solution for your needs, please contact us with your project details.

Benefits of our service:
  • GLP compliant (under 21 CFR § 58) sample and data handling
  • CAP and CLIA certified facility
  • Assay development and validation
  • Data archiving