ACGT is a dedicated provider in Sanger DNA sequencing to the Northwestern University Sequencing Core.

DNA sequencing by Sanger remains the gold standard in sequencing. Sanger is the technique of choice for projects like small construct/gene identification, SNP detection, microbial ID, and other applications which require a cost effective solution at a quick turnaround time. Sanger sequencing is also the preferred method to validate Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) analysis studies as well as regulatory submission studies.

ACGT provides a suite of DNA sequencing services tailored to meet your needs. From a single tube sample to a genomic scale project, our Sanger DNA sequencing offers the most flexible and comprehensive solutions for your project.

Single Pass DNA Sequencing (SPPE)

Our Single Pass DNA Sequencing has the fastest turnaround time and provides over 1000 bps of sequence. You may give it a try with our introductory trial offer of 3 FREE sequencing reactions.

Direct Colony Sequencing (DCSS)

With our Direct Colony Sequencing Service (DCSS), there’s no need to prepare purified plasmid DNA templates.   Simply re-suspend bacterial colonies in 50 ml buffered saline and transfer to labeled Eppendorf tubes or 8-tube strips. Our DCSS works with bacterial episomes of any size. Templates can be plasmids, BACs, PACs or phage DNA.

High Throughput DNA Sequencing

ACGT’s best rates for large volume orders, our High Throughput pricing is available for orders of 48 reactions or more.

Full Sequence Analysis (FSA)

ACGT’s DNA sequencing service for plasmids more than 2 kb in length, including double and single strand DNA sequencing or transposon DNA sequencing.

PCR and Sequencing

Our PCR and sequencing of genomic DNA targets is designed to detect sequence variants in short genomic DNA regions (from 300 bp to 2 kb). Sequence data and variant analysis results are publication quality.