GENOTYPING For the evaluation of genotyping profiles on a genomic scale, ACGT provides analysis of various Illumina® genotyping arrays on the iScan™ platform. This well-established technology is ideal for querying hundreds of thousands of SNPs per sample.

The Illumina iScan™ platform offers an average call rate of 99.9% which reduces the risk of false positives and negatives. We provide array analysis using Goldengate, Infinium II and Infinium HD assays.

  • The GoldenGate assay is used to interrogate 384 – 1536 SNPs simultaneously by applying allele specific extension and ligation. The high level of multiplexing minimizes the time and reagents required for processing. Researchers can select the SNP loci of choice to form customer panels for targeted genotyping. An expanding selection of standard panels is also available.
  • The Infinium assay, coupled with BeadChips, allows for a large scale interrogation of variations in the human genome at unlimited levels of loci multiplexing. The SNPs are derived from Phase I HapMap data, and contain mainly tag SNPs. The use of tag SNPs greatly improves the power of association studies.
GENOTYPINGGenotyping options
  • Whole Genome (up to 5 million SNPs)
  • Targeted analysis including standard panel and custom content
  • CNV/LOH analysis for sample pairs
  • Whole-genome association studies
  • Fine-mapping studies
  • Whole genome LOH / copy number variation analysis
  • Disease-associated copy number variation analysis
  • Data analysis with BeadStudio software

Our bioinformatics scientists provide comprehensive and customized analysis package for each project.