Sequencing genomic DNA samples has always been a challenge. ACGT now provides a service for PCR and sequencing genomic DNA targets, designed to detect sequence variants in short genomic DNA regions (from 300 bp to 2 kb). Sequence data and variant analysis results are publication quality. Pricing is project specific. For a quote, please select Request a Quote.

PCR and Sequencing Service DescriptionIMG_1439

Our service includes:
  • QC check of genomic DNA samples.
  • Amplification of target regions (using customer-supplied PCR primers).
    • DNA sequencing reactions (using PCR primers, or customer-supplied sequencing primers) using BigDye terminator version 3.1.
    • Internal sequencing primer design and synthesis if the target region is more than 600bps long.
  • Sequencing reaction clean-up with magnetic beads (CleanSEQ dye terminator removal kit) for superior quality traces.
  • Analysis of the extension products using ABI 3730 XL or 3730 Genetic Analyzer.
  • Data review and editing of chromatograms from each sample.
  • Consensus sequence generation and variant analysis (if reference sequence is provided).
Turnaround time:

Results will be made available within *2 to 3 days from sample receipt.

*PLEASE NOTE that sample analysis which requires primer design and/or synthesis, or extensive troubleshooting, will result a longer turnaround time.

Highlights of our PCR AND SEQUENCING Service
  • Provides Phred 20 quality sequences
  • Generates 750 to 1,000 bases of edited sequence data
  • Consensus sequence and variant analysis provided
  • Free primer banking for future orders
  • Free universal primers
  • Free shipping via the ACGT dropbox (contact us for further information)
  • Open on Saturdays for quicker data return
  • Dedicated technical support staff
  • 24/7 Online order and data retrieval
  • Real-time project tracking
  • All types of samples or tubes accepted