Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) generates the most complete and comprehensive sequence dataset of an individual organism. It also allows for a detailed evaluation of all genetic variations in an individual or strain.

De novo Assembly

De novo sequencing – sequencing analysis without the aid of a reference genome – may be required when sequencing a novel species or a novel DNA sequence. In our de novo sequencing service, overlapping sequences are assembled into contigs.

WHOLE GENOME SEQUENCINGSince the Illumina TruSeq technology has limited read length, sequencing for a de novo assembly requires a significantly higher genome coverage than aligning to a reference (see Table 1 in Important Considerations for coverage-related issues). The de novo assembly of large genomes is typically performed on the Illumina HiSeq 4000® platform, or the NextSeq500® platform with multiple runs. Our MiSeq® platform is most appropriate for organisms with smaller genome sizes (bacteria and viruses), and plasmids, cosmids and BACs.

Genome Re-sequencing (Align to Reference)

When a reference sequence of the genome is available, a sample can be sequenced at a lower coverage level (see Table 1 in Important Considerations for coverage-related issues) and the reads mapped to that reference. Genome Re-sequencing is an excellent approach for identifying SNPs and indels.