Genotyping By PCRSequence-specific target amplification by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is the method of choice for analyzing small numbers of SNPs, short or long VNTRs, and short or long indels. This technique employs a combination of PCR amplification and restriction enzyme digests. Amplicon analysis is then performed on an agarose gel or with the Advanced Analytical Technologies (AAT) Fragment Analyzer™ platform. Sequence targets in any organism can be detected. This strategy is an effective and efficient approach for detecting and screening gene insertions, deletions, or rearrangements in natural or artificial gene constructs.

Genotyping by PCRGenotyping by PCR Service Description:
  • Complete study design and support capabilities
  • Design and synthesis of PCR amplification primers
  • Optimization and verification of PCR amplification conditions for new and pre-existing strategies
  • Isolation of genomic DNA and RNA, and cDNA synthesis
  • Amplicon analysis on agarose gel or with Fragment Analyzer™
  • Sample genotyping and verification
  • Extensive troubleshooting experience and technical support
  • Data presented in user-friendly spreadsheets with genotypes and in publication quality photos of gel analysis
  • Extensive troubleshooting experience and technical support