FUNGAL IDENTIFICATIONFor the identification of clonal cultured fungal and yeast samples, ACGT offers DNA sequence analysis of a short PCR-amplified targets, which include D2 region of the 28S rRNA gene and a variety of ITS1 and ITS2 targets, as described in Bokulich and Mills, 2013, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 79:8. Consensus sequences are used in a BLAST search of public databases.

Additional custom sequence targets can be analyzed if required or requested.

Service Description:
  • Extraction of the genomic DNA
  • PCR amplification of the 300-500 base pair sequence
  • Double strand DNA sequencing
  • Identification based on the best information available on public databases
  • Analysis report including top 5 matches
  • electopherograms and consensus sequence
  • Three to five-day turnaround time

Complex mixtures of yeast or fungal species can be analyzed by our NGS Metagenomic Analysis.