Sample preparation, shipping, submission requirements: all from DNA sequencing, not appropriate for Species ID

ACGT proudly offers a suite of services for reliable genetic identification of organisms contributing to various biological samples. In addition to single species sample analysis, ACGT can determine if a species of interest is present in a complex mixture, or alternatively we provide a complete composition profile of the sample. We also offer a suite of sophisticated genomic analysis techniques capable of providing a level of discrimination that is required to distinguish between different strains, sub-species, cultivars and varietals, populations, and even individuals.

ID Tests We Provide

Bacterial ID
Fungal ID
Plant ID
Seafood ID*

*Can also be used to identify commercially relevant non-marine vertebrate and invertebrate species.

Our standard Species ID services are based on bioinformatics analysis using FDA-approved public databases and are performed on a pay per sample basis.

More complex projects (such as metagenomics, complex product composition or population identification studies) are customized to your needs.

Please inquire if interested.