Plasmid DNA Production

Petri dishes for medical researchACGT provides a large scale, high quality plasmid DNA production service, under Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) protocols.

Our service yields a high quality plasmid DNA that is suitable for a variety of downstream applications, including DNA reference standards, transfection assays, or DNA-based antibody production.

Per GLP standards, our plasmid DNA service is implemented with a project protocol. From sample receipt to data delivery and archiving, our services are implemented under our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and monitored by a dedicated Study Director. Finally, each project is reviewed independently by a Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) to verify the quality and integrity of our processes.

Our Plasmid DNA Production service includes the following:

  • Purification of plasmid DNA with resin based methods
  • Original test article and final product identity verification with restriction digest and/or DNA sequencing
  • Original test article and final product quality and quantity assessment with UV spectroscopy and agarose gel electrophoresis
  • Final product adjusted to a desired concentration, aliquoted as requested, and shipped to any destination

Additionally, you will receive a final report which may be included in an application to a regulatory agency. Your report will consist of the following:

  • DNA production procedure and strategy
  • Sample and final product identity verification data (hard copy and CD)
  • A quality assurance (QA) statement

Data archival at the conclusion of the study includes the following:

  • Original test article
  • Copy of the final protocol and any amendments
  • Laboratory notebooks containing all raw data
  • All computer-generated data
  • Study correspondence
  • Statistical records
  • Copy of the final report
  • An original signed protocol, an original signed report, the study correspondence and all raw data captured on durable media