SEAFOOD SPECIES IDENTIFICATIONACGT provides identification of either vertebrate (fish, sea mammals) or invertebrate (crustaceans, mollusks, etc.) seafood species by DNA sequence analysis of a 650 bp PCR-amplified region of the mitochondrial COX-1 gene, followed by a BLAST search of public databases. Additional targets, such as CytB gene, can be analyzed if requested. Identification of non-seafood commercial species is also available (please inquire if interested).

ACGT is able to analyze either fresh or frozen tissue samples, as well as tissue that has been prepared (cooked, smoked, pickled, etc.)

Service Description:
  • Extraction of the genomic DNA from tissue samples
  • PCR amplification of the 650 base pair COX-1 sequence
  • Double strand DNA sequencing
  • Identification based on the best information available on public databases
  • Analysis report including five best matches
  • electopherograms and consensus sequence
  • Three to five-day turnaround time

Complex mixtures of species in highly processed products (e.g. canned tuna, etc.) can be analyzed by our NGS Metagenomic Analysis using short COX-1 amplicons