behavioralNew candidate genes for various human behaviors are being discovered as science can now genetically screen individuals to determine the likelihood of developing certain pathologies.

At ACGT, we provide analysis for the following set of behavior-associated genes. New genes are constantly being added to our list as their role in the study of behavior is published and validated.

Services we provide
  • Coding region sequencing on Illumina® NGS platform of all behavior-associated genes, to identify relevant DNA variants. Analysis is performed using the commercial Illumina® One Panel (4,750 genes that are currently known to have clinical implications).
  • PCR / Sequencing using Sanger technology, for detailed analysis of sequences of individual genes, exons, or individual polymorphism sites.
  • TaqMan® genotyping assays to analyze SNP status of one to hundreds of SNPs in the genes of interest.
  • Analysis of variable repeat families (VNTRs, STRs, etc.).