ACGT offers a complete mutagenesis service for creating single or multiple specific point mutations, deletions, insertions or random mutations into any target sequence. Fast and efficient mutagenesis methods allow us to quickly create novel constructs for large and small projects alike.


gene_mutagenesisBased on PCR primer design, any type of mutation, such as deletions, insertions, or substitutions, can be introduced into your sequence at a single or multiple sites. Alterations include any desired changes in amino acid sequence, deletions or insertions of restriction sites, and many more.

Gene Mutagenesis Service Description:
  • Design and synthesis of mutagenesis primers
  • PCR amplification using the DpnI system
  • Confirmation of desired mutations by DNA sequencing
  • Detection of undesired mutations by DNA sequencing
  • Subcloning of modified gene into a new vector backbone (optional)
  • Verification of complete vector sequence after mutagenesis by DNA sequencing (optional)
  • Delivery of purified plasmid DNA construct and its glycerol stock


gene_mutagenesis_randomRandom mutagenesis allows researchers to identify beneficial mutations in the absence of structural information, or when such mutations are difficult to predict from protein structure. Mutations are deliberately introduced through the use of error prone DNA polymerases and/or reaction conditions. The mutated PCR products are then cloned into an expression vector and the resulting mutant library can be screened for changes in protein activity. We offer mutation rates of between 1 and 16 mutations per 1 kb of sequence.

Service Description:
  • Selection of mutation frequencies depending on the application of the study
  • Cloning of the randomized DNA into any vector, including expression vectors
  • Confirmation of mutation frequency by DNA sequencing