ACGT offers a quick and reliable Single Pass DNA sequencing service for plasmid, PCR DNA, and large insert templates (i.e. lambda, BAC, PAC, P1 clones, Cosmid, Fosmid). We provide high quality sequencing with the most up-to-date technology.

DNA Sequencing Service Description

Our service includes:

  • DNA sequencing reactions using BigDye terminator version 3.1
  • Clean-up with magnetic beads (CleanSEQ dye terminator removal kit) for superior quality traces
  • Analysis of the extension products using ABI 3730 XL or 3730 Genetic Analyzer
  • Data review and editing of chromatograms of each sample
  • Extensive troubleshooting for problematic samples

We provide three levels of service to fit your needs. Please review each service description below or you may call us at 800-557-ACGT (2248) to determine which service is best for you.

Low Cost Option(LCO): Our most cost effective service. Send us the template and primer premixed in the same tube according to our sample submission guidelines.

Standard:  This is an appropriate level of service for samples of known concentration. Provide us with the concentration and our technicians will optimize the sequencing reactions, accordingly. Samples and primers should be submitted in separate tubes. Plasmids or purifed PCR products are accepted. Refer to our sample submission guidelines  for more details.

Premium: Our most comprehensive service for samples of unknown concentration. Send us the DNA template(s) and primer(s) in separate tubes and we will do the rest. ACGT will determine the concentration of template and primer, and optimize sequencing conditions. Plasmids or unpurifed PCR products are accepted. Unpurified PCR products will be column purified prior to sequencing at an additional charge. Refer to our sample submission guidelines for more details.

*PLEASE NOTE that the ACGT Universal Primers can be used for any of these services free of charge. We provide more than 50 different universal primers for your convenience.

DNA Sample Prep Tutorial

Erin Murphy, a Molecular Biologist with our DNA Sequencing group, presents tips on how to prepare your samples for high quality DNA sequencing data results.

Turnaround Time

Same Day/Rush: ACGT offers a Same Day/Rush data return service to meet the urgent needs of your project. By selecting this service you will receive your data by 6 PM CST on the same weekday we receive your sample. Additional charges may apply. We also offer our Same Day service on Saturdays. Data for samples received on Saturday will be made available to you by 12 PM Monday. For customers in Maryland or the Washington, D.C. metro area, samples will be picked up in the evening by an ACGT courier and your data will be ready by next day morning.

Ship sample(s) via FedEx First Overnight Delivery. ACGT accepts only FedEx shipment for our Same Day service.

Next Day/Standard: Our standard and default turnaround time for data receipt if a Same Day service is not required. You will receive the data within 24 hours from sample receipt.

Turnaround time provided are assuming sample receipt at ACGT facility by noon CST. ACGT strongly recommends shipping samples through the use of a nearby ACGT dropbox or FedEx to ensure timely receipt at an ACGT facility and data delivery. ACGT discourages shipping samples through the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) as USPS packages are often received after 12 PM CST thereby affecting the turnaround time and can result in late data delivery.


Highlights of our Quick Single Pass DNA Sequencing Service
  • Generates 750 to 1,000 bases of edited data
  • 24-hour turnaround time
  • 92% to 96% success rate on first pass
  • Free primer banking
  • Free universal primers
  • Free shipping via the ACGT dropbox. (Contact us for further information.)
  • Two shifts for a super fast results reporting
  • Open on Saturdays for Monday data return
  • Dedicated Technical Support Staff
  • 24/7 Online order and data retrieval
  • Real-time project tracking
  • All types of samples or tubes accepted

Single Pass DNA sequencing serviceQuality: Our ABI 3730 genetic analyzers routinely generate 750 bps to 1 kb. We guarantee a minimum of 750 bps of clean sequence for plasmids. Our first pass success rate is 96% to 98% with plasmid DNA samples, 92% to 96% with PCR DNA samples, and 98% to 99% with pGEM control plasmid DNA.

Open on Saturdays: ACGT facilities are open on Saturdays to meet your research needs. You can send your DNA sequencing samples on Friday and expect a data return on Monday rather than waiting until Monday to send us your samples.

Free Shipping for DNA Samples: ACGT dropboxes are located at institutions and companies across the United States. You may drop off your sample(s) at any of our dropboxes if located at your facility. We also provide bubble bags to secure your samples and prevent broken tubes. An ACGT courier will consolidate all packages and ship them to our Chicago, Illinois facility by overnight delivery via FedEx. For customers in Maryland or the metro Washington, D.C. area, an ACGT courier will pick up samples to deliver to our facility in Germantown, Maryland. Shipping via the an ACGT dropbox is free of charge. For more information, please click here.

Free Universal Primers: ACGT provides more than 50 different universal primers at no additional charge.  View Primer List.

Other Related Services

Sequencing Difficult Samples
We have extensive experience sequencing samples with GC or AT rich content, DNA with secondary structures, DNA with repetitive sequences, and dirty DNA templates. These types of samples require a different set of standardized sequencing protocols.

Single Pass DNA sequencing serviceThe most common problem encountered with these kind of samples is a weak or no signal. By selecting our High GC or Hairpin protocol when placing an order online, you can be assured that your samples are handled according to our proprietary protocols for difficult templates.

The following are the sample types that could benefit from our modified protocol:

  • Templates with high GC content spread across the template or aggregated in a particular region
  • Templates with a tendency to form secondary structures
  • DNA with repetitive sequences
  • Dirty DNA
  • Plasmid cloned in Gateway vector

Please call us at 847-520-9162 or you may email at [email protected] if you would like guidance on which protocol would best suit your needs.

Gel or Column Purification: ACGT will column purify unpurified PCR products prior to sequencing (purification charges apply). If the PCR contains multiple bands, gel purification of the desired size can also be performed upon request. Extra charges will apply.

Plasmid DNA Preparation from Bacterial Clones: We purify your DNA in a single tube or 96-well plate for your convenience and perform sequencing. Extra charges apply.

Oligo Design and Synthesis: For larger DNA samples that require specific internal primers, we can design and synthesize these primers for your convenience. ACGT requires only that the order is placed before 12 PM CST so we may order and receive the primers the following day to ensure reactions are performed without delay.

  • Based on previously generated data, or an expected sequence, Oligo synthesis and additional primer extension reactions can be performed within two days.
  • After your project is complete, we can ship these Oligos to you (requires FedEx account information) or maintain them in long-term storage for future use.

If you would like to design your own primers, please refer to our primer design criteria for more information.

Primer/Template Banking: You can request your templates or primers to be stored at our facility for future use. This service is free of charge. Your list of stored or banked primers can be viewed online on your personal account, and will be available for your selection on the online Sequencing order form.

Load & Go: Perform your own sequencing reactions and send us either cleaned or un-cleaned samples for loading on the 3730 machines. Samples can be submitted in a liquid or dried format.