How to Download and Review DNA Sequencing Data

acgt4Upon the completion of your sequencing project, you will be notified by email that your data has been uploaded to our server. Please review the following information for details on how to download and review the data.

How to Download Data

1. Visit our homepage at
2. At the top right corner of the web site, click the CLIENT LOGIN link
3. Enter your username and password
4. Once logged in, click on MY ORDERS
5. On the row corresponding to your order number, click on the DOWNLOAD icon on the right to begin downloading.

How to Review Data

Chromatogram (.ab1 file):

1. Each sequence generates a four-color chromatogram showing the nucleotide sequence which the software determined.
2. Chromatogram files can be opened using free software provided on our website under Resources.
3. We edit and trim your sequences as best as we can to generate the most reliable data, however, we recommend that you inspect each electropherogram.

Sequence Text File (.txt file):

1. You can read this file using any standard word processor, or you can import the sequence into most DNA sequence analysis software.
2. The text and electropherogram file names and text names will match the numbering on your request form unless the names are too long.

Sequencing Data Archives:

1. Sequence data are stored on our web-server up to six month after posting. After six months, ACGT, Inc. archives all old sequencing data for up to two years.