To yield quality sequencing data, your submitted sample(s) must meet our DNA Sample Submission Requirements. A failure to conform with these minimum requirements as set forth below, may render ACGT’s performance of service(s) behind our turnaround time schedule and/or order completion unattainable.

ACGT accepts purified plasmid, bacterial clones, PCR DNA, purified or unpurified DNA and/or BAC DNA for analysis.

For plasmid or PCR DNA our requirements are as follows:

Template DNA Amount of DNA (ng) Concentration (ng/ml)
Plasmid DNA 200 ng per kb 50 ng/ml
PCR DNA 50 ng per kb 20 ng/ml

Reference sequences should be provided in FASTA format.
Please include a photograph of the template DNA with the quantity of the DNA loaded and a molecular marker with the order

Bacteria with BAC or Cosmid for Large Insert Sequencing

Please submit at least 100 μl of glycerol stock grown in LB mediat with 10% glycerol for large insert sequencing.

Although different types of containers are accepted for sample submission, 1.5 mil or 650 μl microfuge tube is recommended. Glycerol stocks should be submitted via frozen package.

Reference sequence for each sample should be provided in FASTA format (if available).

Purified BAC or Cosmid for Large Insert Sequencing

Each sample should contain at least 50 μl of purified DNA, preferably processed with the QIAGEN Large Construct kit.

DNA templates should be of high molecular weight. Sample(s) can be submitted as a pellet or re-suspended in water or alcohol.