PATHOGENAdvances in DNA sequencing have made it possible to quickly and reliably sequence complete microbial genomes. This technology offers new opportunities to analyze disease-causing microorganisms at a molecular level. Identification of certain microbial pathogens as agents responsible for various diseases leads to new treatments and prevention strategies.

At ACGT, microbial and viral pathogens can be efficiently detected in biological tissue and a variety of environmental samples.

Services we provide
  • Extraction of pathogen genetic material (DNA or RNA) from a variety of clinical and environmental samples.
  • Whole genome or custom target sequencing on the Illumina® NGS platform, to identify the pathogen(s) present in the provided sample at a specified detection levels. Public as well as proprietary databases may be used for accurate identification.
  • PCR / Sequencing applying Sanger technology or NGS, for detailed analysis of sequences of “barcode” genes (16S rRNA, ITS region, COI, etc.).
  • Quantitative PCR assays to accurately determine pathogen copy numbers.