TaqMan Genotyping ArraysFor projects with a relatively small number of SNPs, ACGT offers validated TaqMan® assays analyzed on the ABI 7900HT Sequence Detection System. This platform integrates a variety of quantitative PCR and genotyping applications. A large library of ready-to-go assays is available from Applied Biosystems® (now a division of Life Technologies, Inc.). Applying a custom assay design, SNPs from any organism can be genotyped.

SNP Genotyping Service Description:
  • Analysis on the 7900HT Sequence Detection System from Applied Biosystems Inc. (ABI).
  • SNP detection based on TaqMan probes with Assays-on-Demand (AOD) or Assays-by-Design (ABD).
  • Data presented in user-friendly spreadsheets which contain raw fluorescent data and genotype call based on software analysis and experimenter verified.
  • All results are available in electronic and hard copy formats including publication quality graphics with genotype distributions for all samples.
  • Our personnel are experienced with difficult to assay samples; we also provide assistance with data interpretation.