ACGT has the capability to synthesize any proposed sequence from less than 50bp to up to 10kb. Our service provides high quality and a fast turnaround time from the initial design and codon optimization to the final delivery of purified plasmid construct and the archiving of its glycerol stock.

custome_gene_synthesisCUSTOM GENE SYNTHESIS

Based on your specifications of a nucleotide or amino acid sequence, ACGT can synthesize codon-optimized cDNA, gene variants, or any other sequences you require for your research.

Custom Gene Synthesis Service Description:
  • Final DNA sequence transmit via an online, secure ordering web site
  • Codon optimization upon request
  • Gene construction
  • Cloning of the synthetic gene into the vector of your choice
  • DNA sequence verification: Sequencing the final construct in both strands to confirm 100% matching your requested sequence
  • Delivery of purified plasmid DNA construct and its glycerol stock
  • Final report – Sequence chromatograms and data are posted onto the customer’s secure web site