cDNA Cloning&LibraryACGT offers comprehensive and customized services for partial and full-length cDNA cloning, generation of fusion constructs and insertion of in-frame epitope tags. Final constructs are then validated by DNA sequencing. cDNA library services include RNA extraction, generation of phage or plasmid libraries, and library quality / diversity evaluation by DNA sequencing of 96 clones.

cDNA Cloning Service Description:

  • Extraction of RNA from a variety of samples
  • Full length and partial cDNA cloning, utilizing PCR, RT-PCR, or 5′ and 3′ RACE
  • Cloning into any desired vector
  • Cloning open reading frame into any expression vector

cDNA Library Construction Service Description:

cDNA library

  • Extraction of RNA from a variety of samples
  • Generation of phage or plasmid-based cDNA libraries from size-selected cDNA
  • Directional cloning of cDNAs into any vector
  • Production of a library with at least 106 cfu
  • Library amplification to generate higher titers
  • Library delivered as glycerol stock
  • Verification of library quality by randomly picking clones and determining insert sizes by PCR
  • Verification of library complexity by DNA sequencing of the inserts from a subset of randomly picked clones (Optional)