High-Throughput Dna Sequencing

High Throughput DNA Sequencing

New Discounted Half Plate and Full Plate Pricing (over 25% savings from our single reaction rates)
In effort to provide you with the best possible price for large volume orders, ACGT, Inc., now offers half plate prices (a single order of 48 reactions or more) and full plate prices (a single order of 96 reactions or more). Request a quote for further details. To place an order, please log in to your account and enter your order on the High Throughput online order form.

Please note that samples should be submitted in 96 well plates or eight strip tubes. No other formats are accepted for High Throughput Sequencing. A minimum of 48 reactions are required per order. Plates should be sealed properly to prevent cross-contamination or evaporation during shipment. We recommend using strip caps to seal the plates and then wrap over using Para film to avoid spillage and cross-contamination. High quality heat seals are also recommended.

ACGT, Inc. offers High throughput DNA sequencing in a fully automated lab. We are capable of handling thousands of clones per day using a barcode system to accurately inventory and process DNA samples upon receipt until delivery of final data. Project tracking for each stage of sample processing can be viewed realtime online via our website.

High Throughput DNA Sequencing Service:

Samples can be submitted as extracted DNA samples or as colonies or culture. We offer the following service options:

  • Premium- A few samples and primers will be randomly quantified using agarose gel and nanodrop. The concentration values will then be generalised for the whole plate. The concentration of all the samples and primers submitted should be comparable throughout the plate. Unpurified PCR products will be purified before sequencing.
  • Standard- Provide us with the sample and primer concentration and we will optimize the sequencing reactions accordingly. The concentration value provided should be representative for the whole plate
  • LCO- This is the most cost effective service. Send us the template and primer premixed according to our sample submission guidelines. Universal primers will be provided at no extra charge

For sample submission guidelines for High Throughput Sequencing, please click here.

Service description:

  • Checking template and primer DNA using Nanodrop High Throughput Dna Sequencing or gel electrophoresis
  • Cycle sequencing reactions using BigDye terminator version 3.1 from ABI
  • Clean-up using CleanSEQ dye terminator removal kit on Biomek Automation Station from Beckman Coulter, Inc.
  • Analysis of the extension products using ABI 3730XL
  • A thorough examination of the chromatograms and data editing
  • Data review of each sample and return of review summary
  • Return of 600-900 bases of edited and vector clipped sequences to optimize the database searches
  • Universal primers provided at no additional charge

Related Services

"Load & Go" Service:

With this service, you perform your own DNA sequencing reactions and send us the cleaned samples for sequencing. Samples can be submitted either in liquid or dried format. Select the Low Cost Option on the order form and mention in the comments section that the service is “Load & Go”

High Throughput DNA Sequencing Service Description Service Description:

  • Analysis of your reactions on an ABI 3730XL or 3730
  • A thorough examination of the chromatograms and data editing
  • Data review of each DNA sequencing sample and return of review summary
  • Next-day data return for standard service
  • "Same Day Service" available